Sunday, December 12, 2010

Marathon Training: Day 32- 28 days to go

Well, with 31 days in the books, I have to say today was the absolute worse day of training. Scott ran on about 7 hours of sleep over a two day period and I still wasn't feeling smashing.

Our times weren't real terrible, but he and I both felt miserable and thought the 12th mile would never make it.

We stopped at the car a couple times and also took a few more walk breaks than normal.

Our average moving pace was 9:38 and the average pace with all our stops was 10:18.

M1: 9:54
M2: 9:13
M3: 9:07
M4: 9:24
M5: 9:59
M6: 10:13
M7: 14:51
M8: 9:21
M9: 11:04
M10: 9:38
M11: 10:35
M12: 10:12

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