Monday, December 20, 2010

Marathon Training: Day 36 - 39: 24 - 21 days to go

Haven't been very good updating...mainly because I've been sick.

Thursday: I was supposed to run 5 miles, but didn't because I was sick.
Friday: Still sick
Saturday: Ran a 5k in the cold and rain. Time was like 28:04.
Sunday: Supposed to run 20 miles, but weather was yuck and I was still yuck.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Marathon Training: Day 35 - 25 days to go

Got bundled up and went to my favorite place to run...Hugh McRae Park....Scott and I got our 5 miles in.

This was a good 5 miles for's my fastest yet!! yeah me!!

Ran without looking at watch again. I seem to do best when I do this.

M1: 9:19
M2: 8:34
M3: 8:27
M4: 8:18
M5: 8:02

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Marathon Training: Day 34 - 26 days to go

Way to cold to run outside. The weather has been brutal!! Today was like 34 degrees and very windy. I'm hoping tomorrow will be much better and Scott and I can run outside.

Felt pretty good on the treadmill tonight...surely felt much better than I did on Sunday!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Marathon Training: Day 32- 28 days to go

Well, with 31 days in the books, I have to say today was the absolute worse day of training. Scott ran on about 7 hours of sleep over a two day period and I still wasn't feeling smashing.

Our times weren't real terrible, but he and I both felt miserable and thought the 12th mile would never make it.

We stopped at the car a couple times and also took a few more walk breaks than normal.

Our average moving pace was 9:38 and the average pace with all our stops was 10:18.

M1: 9:54
M2: 9:13
M3: 9:07
M4: 9:24
M5: 9:59
M6: 10:13
M7: 14:51
M8: 9:21
M9: 11:04
M10: 9:38
M11: 10:35
M12: 10:12

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Marathon Training: Day 30- 29 days to go

Forgot to post last night. Rest day! I'm sick :(

Marathon Training: Day 31- 30 days to go

Ah....30 days to go!!!! Supposed to run 12 outside today, but the weather was not permitting...Rainy!!

So, Scott and I went to the gym and did a little on the treadmill. We are going to get our 12 outside tomorrow.

I'm still battling this crazy earache and sore throat and running a low grade temperature...hope maybe today all the sweating I did will cause it to leave me alone!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Marathon Training: Day 30- 31 days to go

The weather was half way cooperating so Scott and I went to Hugh McRae Park to get in our 6 miles. I knew I had to run another 2 when I got home, but I left nothing in the tank!

I was really really good and ran without looking at my watch and being concerned about pace. I ran this one on how I felt. appears I was feeling pretty good.

M1: 9:33 - warming up
M2: 8:47
M3: 8:44
M4: 8:46
M5: 8:25
M6: 8:00...........yes this is not a typo!!!!!

Faster 6 miles to date!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Marathon Training: Day 29- 32 days to go

Well, we were supposed to run outside today, but I had a staff meeting after work which took longer than expected. So, I ended up on the treadmill once again! I did try to mix it up a little though and I varied the incline between and and 2% throughout my 6 mile run. I should also mention that watching Survivor helped to pass the time a little.

Planning on running outside tomorrow because the temperature is supposed to hit 45 degrees!! It's about time it warms up a little :)